I read about “ghosting” today on Rochelle Short’s (Author of Letting People In) post. It’s a term coined to indicate that someone you’re dealing with is positioning themselves out of your future – hence the term “ghosting.” They’re making themselves into ghosts as far as you are concerned.

What I’m wondering about now is how many ways I make myself a ghost? How many ways do others do the same? I have friends who follow their FB friends, but rarely post … we used to call that voyeurism, but I wonder if ghosting isn’t a more accurate term b/c it implies hovering, watching the “living,” but being unable or unwilling to interact in the corporeal plan.

Many of our Western social mores dictate that we “make nice” or speak and interact in politically correct ways, and I wonder where the line lies between abiding by social mores and turning oneself into a ghost. It’s easy to say we need to speak up about what matters, yet shouting to overcome collective deafness due to mind blindness or tech-disconnect is certainly not acceptable, nor very effective. When does speaking more quietly about what matters, at the risk of no one hearing, lead us down the path to ghosting?

“Picking my battles” and not casting “pearls before swine” have always been internal mantras I’ve used to remain calm and reasonable.  I try to give myself time to look for the teachable moment, even when my emotions are burning over any given injustice or immorality I’m confronting … is that wisdom or is it somewhere on the ghost continuum?

I’ll have to keep my eye on it because I’m really not sure. I appreciate Rochelle’s post for making me think not just twice, but many times about what makes real life, real.