A demanding new position supporting Social Studies teachers, going back to school for my ELL certification, taking the state exam for that certification and keeping up with two teenage boys this school year busted my chops. It was worth every single grueling moment.
Monday June 30, I took and passed that state exam after studying for the 6 days following my last class in the certification program. So, yesterday was my first day of summer…finally.

I didn’t mark this auspicious occasion in any particular way. I did a bit of cleaning and organizing – Lord knows, I needed to. I watched the U.S. lose to Belgium, read a bit of fluff, and bought some groceries – the cupboards were nearly bare. By 6PM Pacific Standard Time, I was antsy and a bit agitated trying to figure out what to do with myself.
Having drug myself across the finish line, I expected to loll about and enjoy the absence of demands for a bit, without a care in the world other than those I chose to pick up. Apparently, it’s going to take me a while to downshift. My fear is that by the time I do, it will be mid August and school will be starting again … finally. 🙂