I have the dubious privilege of teaching my oldest son to drive these days. Thrills and skills characterize our car time. He’s really doing an amazing job, and he stays calm amidst my occasional bout of nerves.
Yesterday as we were practicing backup maneuvers in a local parking lot, the slice for today’s blog emerged. I’d “borrowed” 8 cones from my husbands soccer supplies and we set our course with them in the empty parking lot. As my son made a cut to early, my voice skittered out and approached a wail, “g-g-go wider! Yikes!” His unflappable response, “Mom, it’s just a cone…”
We repeated this exchange twice more, and on our fourth round, he gave me The Look. Now, how a 15- year-old managed his father’s very own, “Will you chill” expression, I have no idea. And it worked.
I had to pause my litany of all the reasons and possible repercussions that led me to frantically worry about the cones being squashed. This pause reminded me that celebrations are more important than avoiding minor mistakes in all areas of life: I need to celebrate more and worry less…easier said than done, yet that’s my goal as I walk into our learning space today.