There are myriad places I’ve chosen to write over the years. I have places I record the writing, places I do the writing, yet I continue to struggle when it comes to making space for my writing.  My writing life is rather like an overfull lottery bin eternally spinning round – full of numbered nuggets waiting to be pulled out, but there’s no one pulling anything out.  I know, I know, I’m the writer – I’m supposed to pull them out and grow them from nuggets into actual pieces of writing.  So here I go…I have a new place and renewed intent to open space in my life for living on paper…also known as writing.

There really couldn’t be a worse time – I’m in a new job, going to school for an additional certificate, running mom’s taxi and homework help, trying nurture my marriage and keep my balance amidst it all.  But I have a friend and colleague who said, “…start sooner than that – don’t wait.”  Add that encouragement to the muse gnawing at my brainstem because I’ve starved her for too long, and a dash of every author’s advise – write; write all the time write some more….and a blog is born.